$599 early bird special until August 15th


January 11th-13th, 2019


3 Full Workshop Days

Lunch provided 

Full Mock Wedding / Engagement Shoot (two sets of models)

On-site Leica rep with gear available to shoot


This is designed for both the new and seasoned wedding photographer. An all new workshop experience meant to push you outside of your comfort zone and see how Jay and Bud approach each part of the wedding day differently. As wedding photographers, we are hired to tell a story. Learning how to tell those stories through artistic and creative imagery can be extremely challenging, which is why those that do it well are for the most part extremely successful. The other key factor is the business side of things, which we will cover as well. We will cover it all, from start to finish. From meeting you client for the first time, to delivering their custom designed album that will last them a lifetime. We will cover it all by having you attend and photograph a full blown mock wedding that Jay and Bud will use to demonstrate the techniques that have made them both very successful in the industry. 


Engagement Shoot

Everyone will arrive on Friday to get settled in and get a little shooting in as Jay walks through how he photographs an engagement session. Everyone will get the opportunity to shoot. 

Dinner Details

Welcome Dinner at 7pm.

More details to come.



Jay and Bud will be walking everyone through a full blown wedding day, showing the techniques and gear they use. The day will include bride/groom prep, a first look, a short ceremony, family and bridal party portraits, bride/groom portraits, and a reception with a first dance and creative night portraiture. Everyone will get a chance to shoot at each part of the day. 

The wedding ceremony and couple's portraits will be held at the beautiful Bethesda Academy, right in Savannah, and only a 12 minute drive from where everyone will be staying. 



The last day will start with lecture covering everything post wedding. Some of the topics will include workflow, post-processing, reveal parties and what they are, album design, and delivery of the final product to the client. Post processing overview and demo using images shot from the day before. Jay will cover finding your unique style in a world of overdone processing and presets to help make your work stand out. 

There will also be a portfolio review of the photos shot the day before, along with Jay reviewing/editing his photos. The portfolio review is optional, but it's a great way to be taken out of your comfort zone. 

The day will end with Q&A before heading home.