January 11th - 13th

*** ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT ***

Three full days of learning like you've never experienced before, with a full blown mock wedding in the beautiful city of Savannah. Jay Cassario and Bud Johnson will be covering the entire process that goes into being a successful wedding photographer by teaching the techniques that got them to where they are today in a very tough and over-saturated industry. Each day will include shooting, with an engagement shoot on the first day, a full wedding on the 2nd, a portfolio review on the 3rd, plus much much more. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone, so be prepared, this far from a cookie cutter workshop. You'll be pushed in a number of ways, one of which will be through challenges that focus on your weak areas. You'll get an inside look into exactly how Jay works with his clients in unique ways to capture those documentary style moments that he has built a brand around. He'll also demonstrate how he incorporates editorial and directed posing to add artistic and creative photos to the story he is telling for his clients. It all starts from the moment he first meets his clients, and that is precisely where this workshop will start off. From client consults to building relationships centered around trust. As well as proper planning and the often missed step of educating his clients leading up to the wedding day. Even though you'll be shooting an entire mock wedding, this workshop will be covering everything that goes into the process of delivering that final product - from start to finish. 

Nothing is off limits, and with Leica sponsoring the event, you know that this will be a one of a kind experience with plenty of gear on hand to try out at no additional charge. The full mock wedding will cover everything from bride and groom prep all the way to how to shoot the reception. If you are looking to break into wedding photography or take your current business to the next level, this is the workshop for you. A full breakdown of the schedule will be available once you've registered. You can register through the Leica Akademie website by clicking HERE!





Jay Cassario is a South Jersey based Wedding Photographer, Leica Brand Ambassador and owner of the prestigious multi-photographer studio Twisted Oaks. Having shot his first wedding less than 5 years ago, Jay has been able to accomplish more than most that have been in the industry for over a decade. Jay is best known for his artistic and storytelling approach to his photography that has earned him awards and publications. He is a well-known Leica photographer and it serves as one of the foundations of his brand. With Twisted Oaks Studio booking over 100 weddings per year, the success he has seen has led to him quickly becoming a well-respected industry leader and educator. To see more of Jay's work head on over www.twistedoaksstudio.com and www.jaycassario.com.


Bud Johnson is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. Bud is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman, owning and operating two additional businesses within the wedding industry. Bud emphasizes authentic and intimate connections with not only his wedding clients, but every other vendor in the industry. Because he relentlessly cares for every person he meets, his photography and his educational skills are high in demand. Bud relies on the Leica systems to bring a unique and purposeful look to his photography, and loves to tell people about it. If you want to see more of Bud’s work, head on over to www.BudJohnsonPhoto.com or www.instagram.com/budjohnsonphoto.com


A little preview of Jay & Bud's last workshop hosted up in Lubec, ME. Click HERE to see what makes their workshops special and why investing in learning from them can take your work and your business to the next level.